Monday, September 23, 2019

Mark Your Calendars for Dr. Elizabeth Englander

Social Media & Cyberbullying
Dr. Elizabeth Englander, October 9, 2019@ 7:00pm – MERMHS 

Dr. Englander is a professor of Psychology and Founder and Director of the MA Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) at Bridgewater State University, a Center which delivers anti-violence and anti-bullying programs, resources, and research for the state of MA. She was named Most Valuable Educator of 2013 by the Boston Red Sox because of her work in technological aggression and how it interacts with peer abusiveness in general.  As a school district, the Manchester-Essex Regional School District is proud to work with the MA Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) through student, faculty, and parent trainings on social awareness and anti-bullying. In addition, MERSD participates in Second Steps, YALE's RULER Social Emotional Training, and MARC's student workshops focusing on anti-bullying curriculum development programs.