Friday, October 19, 2018

Green Team News!

On September 20th, The Green Team hosted The Friends of Manchester Trees and Tom Henderson at Manchester Essex Middle High School for a community pruning demonstration. The event was attended by several community members as well as many Green Team Students.  During the seminar, Mr. Henderson showed those in attendance the proper technique to prune trees, using the Bradford Pears in the circle in front of the school. He discussed how to prune for aesthetics and health as well as pruning after damage. Additionally, Mr. Henderson discussed the different times of the year to prune for different growth effects. Finally, he illustrated the proper way to mulch a tree, to create an area (bowl with a raised outer edge) that catches water and not damage (do not mound at the base) the tree. This was a truly informative and interesting demonstration and discussion, Thank you FOMT and Mr. Henderson.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Thank You to the Residents of Essex & Manchester!

At the Special Town Meetings held on Monday and Tuesday night, the residents of Manchester and Essex voted to support the Memorial School Building Project!

Although there has been tremendous support for the building project thus far, the November 6th Election is the last step in having the project formally approved.  Please remember to visit the polls on Election Day. 

MERSD’s success is a community effort! Thank you for your continued your support of our students and schools. 

For more information, including drafted architectural designs for the proposed building, budget information and Memorial Project FAQs please visit the Memorial School Building page.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Video Tour of Memorial School!

The Memorial School is a 67-year-old building with timber frame construction. It has exceeded its useful life, has become a health and safety concern for students, no longer serves the regional district’s educational program, and is costing the District more and more money. 

The State immediately accepted Memorial School into the MSBA program, an uncommon occurrence and a sign that it is among the schools in most need of remedy in Massachusetts.


How does Memorial School’s condition compare to other schools in the state?
         In 2010, MSBA rated Memorial School in the bottom 16% of all public schools in MA1
         Only 13 MA schools that were not already in MSBA’s grant program were rated lower 1
         In 2016, Memorial School was one of 26 schools invited into MSBA’s grant program
         Invitations are based on building condition/need
         MSBA’s invitation is an acknowledgment that Memorial is among the neediest schools in MA
         Memorial was accepted after its first application to MSBA which is uncommon
1MSBA’s 2010 Needs Survey report.

The Cost of Doing Nothing
}  Existing Building is substandard and past its useful life
}  Cost escalation is a significant factor, with construction costs escalating at 5 to 6% per year:
o    Yet to be addressed needs identified in 2013 Habeeb Report include
§  ADA compliance issues
§  Asbestos and lead pain mitigation
§  Roof replacement
§  Inefficient, single-paned glass replacement
§  HVAC systems
§  Electrical infrastructure
o    Estimated Cost of Addressing Current Needs is $10m
o    10 years from now, could cost up to $15.6 million
}  Individually, these items exceed operating budget (annual) funding capacity
}  These fixes unlikely to generate a ‘pay back’/ROI, given limited potential remaining lifespan of current building
}  These fixes are temporary solutions and still require building replacement

Thank you to Senior, Christina Calandra video creator and editor!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall Town Meeting Next Week!

cal2 The Memorial School Building Committee has completed the Schematic Design for a proposed new Memorial Elementary school and the MSBA has approved the project, scope, and budget.  The next step in the process is to bring the project forward to the community for local approval. 

Each town needs to vote twice - once at Fall Town Meeting and once at the ballot.
  • Manchester -October 15th   
  • Essex - October 16th
  • Election Day- November 6th

Watch Your Mail for the Memorial School Building Project Overview Booklet!

Need Extra Copies 

Friday, October 5, 2018

MERHS Ranked 5th by Boston Magazine!

Congratulations MERHS 

Ranked 5th in Boston Magazine's 2018 Best High Schools Edition

Boston Magazine ranks public high schools in towns or districts within, or partially within, I-495. The list is compiled from the most recent data for each school available at press time from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Student achievement, quality of the faculty, class size and funding are among the components used to establish rank. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Meet the Memorial SBC Community Representatives!

In the Spring of 2016, the MERSD School Committee appointed a team of Manchester and Essex residents to serve as the Memorial School Building Committee. The Massachusetts School Building Authority requires the school building committee to be made up of town representatives (Manchester and Essex) with backgrounds from construction, architecture, landscape, and education, as well as the district superintendent of schools, a school committee member, the school principal, district schools' facility management director, at least one teacher from the school, a member of the finance committee or local budget official, and a representative from an office authorized by law to construct school buildings. Manchester and Essex residents serve on the committee.  

MBTS   - Community Representatives
Essex – Community Representatives
Remko Breuker – Architect (Brueker Design)
Jake Foster – Educator (STEM Learning Design)
Gordon Brewster PE – Senior Project Manager (SMMA)
Charlie Hay AIA – President, Managing Partner (Tappe Architects)
Sarah Hammond Creighton - GM (Appleton Farms) and LEEP AP (Green Buildings)
Alva Ingaharro - Project Manager & IT Professional (Amadeus)
George Scharfe – Executive Engineering/Construction, (John A. Penney Co., Inc.)
Maggie Tomaiolo – Educator (Manchester Memorial School)
Adam Zaiger – Attorney (Choate Hall & Stewart LLP)    
Tyler Virden – VP & Project Executive (Windover)

MBTS – Town Board Representative
Essex – Town Board Representative
Andy Oldeman – Principal/Director of Engineering (SMMA) and MBTS Finance Committee
Lisa O’Donnell – Structural Engineer (LJO Engineering) and Essex Board of Selectmen
Caroline Weld – School Committee       
Annie Cameron – School Committee

The MSBC has carried out all phases of the Massachusetts School Building Authority building process, including feasibility, design, and construction, complying with proscribed MSBA procedures and policies and maximizing the District’s reimbursement application for renovations, additions, and/or construction of a new school.  Through this process, the MSBC has worked to find fiscally responsible, forward-thinking solutions for the Manchester elementary school building that meet the needs of the District’s current and future curriculum, is mindful of future maintenance and the impact on the environment, serves the school community, and is supported by voters in Manchester and Essex, as well as the MSBA.

For more information, including drafted architectural designs for the proposed building, budget information and Memorial Project FAQs please visit the Memorial School Building page.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Memorial Building Project FAQ Page!

Questions about the Memorial School Building Project? 

Check out the Memorial Building Committee FAQ page!