Thursday, September 25, 2014

School Improvement Progress Report & FY15 Outlook

On Tuesday night, MERSD principals presented the annual School Improvement Plan Progress Report & FY15 Outlook to the School Committee.  School Improvement Plans (SIPs) in conjunction with the District Improvement Plan (DIP) and Strategic Plan provide a roadmap for continual improvement.   I am pleased to report that we are making continued progress toward our overarching goal Teaching All Learners.   Put simply, we are focusing time and resources on building our capacity and broadening our skill set to meet the varied needs of students in order to provide all learners with a pathway for success.   There are several themes to watch for as you watch or read the report:
  • Vertical Alignment of mission, vision and goals
  • Targeted effort to balance whole child needs with student achievement
  • Data driven instruction and differentiated learning
  • Expanded learning opportunities for students of all ability levels
  • Technology as a tool to facilitate instruction
  • Effort to improve home-school communication and incorporate feedback
  • Focus on cost management and efficiency
There are exciting things happening in our schools! I hope you will take the time to review the presentation document or catch a rebroadcast of the meeting on Cape Ann TV.   

View the Rebroadcast of the Presentation on Cape Ann TV - Channel 67
Thursday, September 25th ~ 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 27th ~ 9:00 am
Sunday, September 28th ~ 11:30 pm