Monday, September 30, 2019

Minding Your Mind - Parent Workshop

Minding Your Mind
November 21, 2019@ 7:00pm – MERMHS 
Sponsored by meHUB & The Spaulding Education Fund

As part of our efforts to support parents and caregivers, we will be offering a workshop on Thursday 11/21 at 7:00pm hosted by Minding Your Mind.  Just Talk About It is a clinician-led workshop covering adolescent mental health topics such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, disordered eating, substance use, social media, and suicide with the goal of ensuring that the adults supporting youth have the information to understand adolescent mental health, identify mental health challenges and crisis, and respond in helpful and supportive ways. This workshop is 90 minutes and features Clinical Director Jon Mattleman and Young Adult Speaker Morgan H.  This is the same Young Adult Speaker who will present to students in the middle school earlier in the day.

Minding Your Mind’s primary objective is to provide mental health education to adolescents, teens, and young adults, as well as parents, teachers, and school administrators. We strive to encourage conversations about these issues that may be inspired by our presence yet continue long after our programs have taken place. The programs we have developed meet a variety of needs, all of which support our overall goal of reducing the stigma and destructive behaviors often associated with mental health challenges. These efforts move away from crisis-based response to prevention through contact-based education in a school or community setting.

This 90-minute program opens with a Minding Your Mind clinician discussing the signs and symptoms of the mental health issues most prevalent in adolescents through young adulthood, and to know the difference from typical teenage behavior. The Young Adult Speaker adds a real-life story that illustrates the information from our clinician, transforming it all into relatable experiences.