Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Looking Ahead to 2018!

MERSD has a lot going on in the new year! 

MERSD FY19 Budget Development:  In December, MERSD presented its Tentative Budget to the School Committee and held the first of two public hearings on the budget.  In January, the School Committee and the MERSD Administration will work to further refine the projections and approve a final budget for submission to the Towns in early February.  We welcome your participation and input as we navigate the budget process and work to deliver a budget proposal that supports our mission and maintains excellence in our schools. 

MERSD Commitment to Continual Improvement:   As part of the District Improvement Plan, MERSD regularly assesses the quality of its programs.  This fall we have undergone third-party assessments of our Athletics and Middle School In-District Special Education programs.  Our report will be shared with school committee in January and February, and the findings will be used to inform strategic improvement planning for our programs. 

Memorial School Building Project:  The Memorial School Building Committee (SBC) and its team of consultants submitted the Preliminary Design Program (PDP) to the (MSBA) Massachusetts School Building Authority on November 22nd. This is the first milestone in the MSBA’s Feasibility Study phase.   In the PDP, MSBA requires all districts to present three types of options:  renovation only, renovation with additions, and new construction.  These options will be examined in detail by MERSD in the next phase of the feasibility process.  From December to February, the Building Committee will be working to narrow down the potential options and will submit a Preferred Schematic Report (PSR) option to the MSBA for approval and further development.  The overall goal is to identify an option that is both cost effective and aligned with the needs of MERSD’s educational program.

Upcoming Meetings
MERMHS LC = Middle High School Learning Commons – 2nd Floor

MERSD School Committee
Presentation Topics
January 9 / 6:00pm 
Athletics Review / High School Program of Studies
FY19  Budget Development
January 23 /  6:00pm 
FY19 Budget Development
January 30 /  7:00pm 
Essex Elem.
Public Hearing - FY19 Budget
February 6  /  6:00pm 
Special Education Program Review
Adoption FY19 Budget

Memorial School Building Committee
Agenda Topics
January 10 / 7:00pm 
Evaluating Options / Select Schemes for Estimating
January 22 /  7:00pm 
Design Update / Discussion of CM at Risk
January 31 / 9:00am & 7:00pm
Memorial School
Community Meeting