Monday, March 13, 2017

Congratulations MERHS DECA!

MERHS DECA Team Returns With 19 Awards From State Competition

Friday night’s mini-award ceremony recognized the top individual scorers in the written exam, role play #1 and role play #2. Saturday’s Grand Awards combined the three scores to qualify Top Ten and International Qualifiers.

International Competition Qualifiers and Overall Final Finish

  Jon Rouillard - 5th Place
 Annalia Laino - 1st Place 
   Laura Hannafin -1st Place

Individual Medal Winners

Laura Hannifin: 1st place in role play #2
Annalia Laino: 1st place in role play #2
                           3rd place in role play #1
John Rouillard: 2nd place in role play #2
Paul Albani: 1st place role play #2
Evan Fitzgerald: 1st place role play #2
Micaela Coonley: 1st place role play #1

Top Ten Award Winners

Michaela Coonley
Laura Hannafin
Drew Charlton
Emma Cochand
Annalia Laino
Casey Fackre
Lena Brzezinski
Rebecca Shan
Jon Rouillard