Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homework in the News

Last week Essex Elementary held its open house and shared with parents that they would be piloting new homework guidelines. On Monday morning the Boston Globe ran an article about the homework pilot at MERSD’s Essex Elementary School, and it got quite a bit of attention from local news outlets.   To clarify what was reported, the District is in the beginning stages of investigating the role and purpose of homework.  Last year, an elementary teacher team conducted a review of research, and, as a result, Essex Elementary is piloting new homework guidelines during 2016-2017.  The team will share their experience as a means of informing our broader discussion and planning. Our focus is not on quantity but on ensuring that homework supports our broader mission of balancing student achievement and whole child needs. Julie DeRoche, Director of Curriculum & Instructional Technology, will be working collaboratively with our district leadership team and curriculum chairs to oversee the development of district guidelines.  As always, we will be seeking input and providing updates throughout the process.