Thursday, October 15, 2015

What is SEPAC?

SEPAC - Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The SEPAC board is an elected group of 7 parents and 3 teachers that focuses on education, outreach, and advocacy for children with disabilities and their parents. The board also serves as an advisor to the Director of Student Services and the School Committee.

What is the SEPAC Mission Statement?
The mission of the MERSD Special Education Parent Advisory Council is to support and sustain high quality programming and services for students with disabilities, serve as an educational and networking resource, and promote a respect for diversity and inclusiveness within the schools and community.

When does SEPAC meet?
The 2015-2016 SEPAC meetings are on the following dates:

  • November 9
  • January 11
  • March 14
  • May 9 at 

PAC board meetings for September and November will be held in the District Office Conference room located at 36 Lincoln Street, Manchester (back of middle-high school next to gymnasium entrance). 

Locations for January, March, and May are to be determined. 

These meetings are open to the public.