Friday, December 23, 2022

MERSD December Update!

Earlier this year MERSD completed its Strategic and District Improvement Plans. The Strategic Plan consists of a district Mission, Vision and Core Values, and Vision of the Graduate. It forms the construct for the development of the district and school-based Improvement Plans and, ultimately, the framework for the development of teacher goals and objectives. The overarching goal of our plan is to increase our professional capacity to support and nurture all learners. The District Improvement Plan is based on the model of continual improvement, and it is intended to be a living document that provides a district road map for growth. 

Fall Reports Below are the annual fall reports to School Committee. They provide an overview of our progress toward and plans for meeting school and district goals.  

School Improvement Plan Updates & Outlooks

Reports & Presentations

The Fiscal Year 2024 Budget In December, the MERSD School Committee approved a tentative budget. This version of the budget represents our initial assessment of needs for the following fiscal year. Throughout December and January, MERSD will gather input from stakeholders through public hearings and work collaboratively with the towns to refine projections and determine the final budget request. This year the focus is on addressing a structural funding problem by reducing our reliance on reserves and increasing revenues received from towns to support a level services budget.  A level services budget provides the same program scope, class size, course offerings, and services from one year to the next. 

Resources for understanding the budget can be found on the MERSD Budget Page 

I welcome your participation and input as we navigate the budget process and work to deliver a budget that supports our mission and maintains excellence in our schools. 

FY 24 Budget Hearing
January 24th ~ 7:00pm ~ Essex Elementary Cafeteria

Program & Department Spotlights – MERSD and the School Committee have a three-year program and department review model. Year one (this year) focuses on site-based sessions, at which each of the principals provides a “state of the union” for his/her building, highlighting the overall program and the unique qualities of each school. In year two, the focus is on K-12 academic programs. Year three has a financial focus and features student services, facilities, athletics, and student activities. The goal is to help build an understanding of the high-quality programming we offer, vertical alignment, and the complex work that goes on in schools.   Please consider attending the presentations.

Tuesday, February 7th

Memorial School Spotlight Presentation

Tuesday, March 7th

Essex Elementary Spotlight Presentation

Tuesday, March 21st

Middle School Spotlight Presentation

Tuesday, May 16th

High School w/ ASR Reception


Happy Holidays!