Friday, October 19, 2018

Green Team News!

On September 20th, The Green Team hosted The Friends of Manchester Trees and Tom Henderson at Manchester Essex Middle High School for a community pruning demonstration. The event was attended by several community members as well as many Green Team Students.  During the seminar, Mr. Henderson showed those in attendance the proper technique to prune trees, using the Bradford Pears in the circle in front of the school. He discussed how to prune for aesthetics and health as well as pruning after damage. Additionally, Mr. Henderson discussed the different times of the year to prune for different growth effects. Finally, he illustrated the proper way to mulch a tree, to create an area (bowl with a raised outer edge) that catches water and not damage (do not mound at the base) the tree. This was a truly informative and interesting demonstration and discussion, Thank you FOMT and Mr. Henderson.