Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Memorial Building Project Update!

Memorial Building Project Update:   The Memorial School Building Committee has completed the Schematic Design for a proposed new Memorial Elementary school and the MSBA has approved the project, scope, and budget.  The next step in the process is to bring the project forward to the community for local approval.  Each town needs to vote twice - once at Fall Town Meeting and once at the ballot.

Manchester Town Meeting: October 15th
Essex Town Meeting: October 16th
Both towns at the ballot: November 6th

If the community supports the Memorial School Project, construction will begin in the summer of 2019 and end in the fall/winter of 2021, with students in their new classroom spaces by fall of 2020.

For more information, including drafted architectural designs for the proposed building, budget information and Memorial Project FAQs please visit the Memorial School Building page.

Essex Elementary Building Upgrades:  With Memorial School in the pipeline for possible replacement, we have been investing in maintaining the Essex Elementary to ensure the building remains a healthy and safe high-quality learning facility of which we can be proud.  Improvements have included the following:

Fire Alarm Upgrade
Grant Funded Energy Efficiency Building Systems Installation
Technology Network Upgrade
Courtyard Refurbishment
Eagles Nest Refurbishment
Locker Room to Classroom Conversion
Large Scale Interior & Exterior Painting

We will continue to make strategic short-term investments in Essex Elementary School and advocate for the renovation or replacement of the building as part of our long-term capital plan.