Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thank You Spaulding Education Fund!

Thank you to the Spaulding Education Fund for its continued support of the MERSD.  For over 25 years this private, community-based non profit organization has been committed to advancing educational excellence in the Manchester Essex Regional Schools.  100% of the funds they raise go towards educational grants throughout the school district which help to enhance the curriculum with innovative ideas, programs and technology.  Supplementing the district’s budget, SEF’s grants continue to strengthen core subjects such as math, reading, writing and science as well as foreign language, music, art and physical education in grades K-12.

From technology tools to cultural enrichment opportunities to so much more, Spaulding has been a valuable partner in our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our academic program.  We sincerely appreciate SEF’s ongoing efforts to help us attain our goal of reaching all learners.

Spaulding Education has recently kicked off its annual campaign, please consider supporting their efforts knowing that your contribution will positively and directly impact the learning experiences of the children in our communities.