Monday, September 18, 2017

2017-2018 Athletics Review!

Athletics Review

To be assured that we are providing the best possible program for our student athletes, MERHS will undergo an athletic review this fall.  Nancy O’Neil, retired athletic director from Lincoln-Sudbury, will oversee the review to assure that there is no bias. The review will include a focus on MERHS Athletics’ vision and philosophy, the relationship and role of athletics to other areas of the school, programming, organization and communication, resources, and the future direction of the program.  The review will include online surveys and focus group meetings.  The survey will be available within the next two weeks.  There will be a focus group conversation with Nancy for parents on 9/25.  There will be a group for students on 9/28.

Focus Group Dates
9/25 Parents 6pm
9/27 Faculty and Staff 2:20
9/28   Students at 2:20 and Coaches at 4pm

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