Monday, November 21, 2016

District Update

Happy New Year!  Here are a few documents that provide an overview of our progress on school and district goals and student achievement. If you haven’t been able to join us at meetings, it is good way to catch-up on what we have been doing as district.   

In addition to hearing annual progress reports, the school committee operates on a three cycle of features and reviews. 
  • FY16 Year 1: District Program and Financial Reviews
  • FY17 Year 2: Individual School Spotlights
  • FY18 Year 3: Vertical Program Reviews

We are currently in year two of the cycle - School Spotlights.  These are site based presentations at which principals provide a “state of union” for his/her building, highlighting the overall program, a day in the life of students, and the unique qualities of each school.   I hope you’ll consider coming out to an upcoming School Committee meeting to learn more about our schools and K-12 program!

October 18th
December 6th
March 7th
Middle School Spotlight
March 21st
High School Spotlight