Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MERSD School Committee Appoints Memorial School Building Committee!

The MERSD School Committee recently appointed a team of Manchester and Essex residents to serve as the Memorial School Building Committee (MSBC).  The MSBC will carry out all phases of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) building process, including feasibility, design, and construction, complying with proscribed MSBA procedures and policies and maximizing the District’s reimbursement application for renovations, additions, and/or construction of a new school.  Through this process, the MSBC will work to find fiscally responsible, forward-thinking solutions for the Manchester elementary school building that meet the needs of the District’s current and future curriculum, is mindful of future maintenance and the impact on the environment, serve the school community, and is supported by voters in Manchester and Essex, as well as the MSBA.

The MSBA requires the school building committee to be made up of town representatives with backgrounds from construction, architecture, landscape, and education, as well as the district superintendent of schools, a school committee member, the school principal, district schools' facility management director, at least one teacher from the school, a member of the finance committee or local budget official, and a representative from an office authorized by law to construct school buildings. Manchester and Essex residents will serve on the committee.

Memorial School Building Committee
MERSD SC Representatives
MERSD District Representatives
Town Board Representatives

Ann Cameron
Alva Ingaharro
Caroline Weld

Pam Beaudoin
Jay Pagliarulo
Avi Urbas
John Willis

Lisa O'Donnell
Andy Oldeman

Gordon Brewster
Remko Brueker
Sarah Creighton
George Scharfe
Tyler Virden
Adam Zaiger

For more information about the Memorial Building Project please visit Quick Link: Memorial Building Project.