Friday, October 2, 2015

Middle HIgh School Drop-off & Pick-Up Remidner!

Last year, the Manchester Board of Selectmen  voted to modify the no parking and no standing rules on Arbella Street and Pleasant Street Extension. These changes may impact how you drop off and pick up your child on Arbella Street or Pleasant Street Extension.
  • There is no parking permitted on the left side of Pleasant Street Extension.
  • There is a two hour parking limit, Monday through Friday between 8am - 2pm, on Arbella Street.
  • There is no parking/no standing on Monday through Friday between 7am - 8am, as well as between 2pm - 3pm on Arbella Street.
Parents/guardians are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up students in the front of the Middle-High School, in order to comply with these new town traffic patterns.  In order to keep our students safe, we ask that parents dropping students off on the property enter and exit using the main driveway. Please do not drop off students in the faculty parking lot. Our goal is to keep the crossing area safe for pedestrians and to maintain space for school buses. Students parking on the property should enter the main drive, turn left into the faculty parking lot to the far end and proceed up to the student lot.
Thank you for your help with this!