Friday, May 15, 2015

MERSD’s Success is a Community Effort!

The Manchester Essex Regional School District is a high achieving community committed to educating all students, inspiring passion, instilling a love of learning, and developing local and global citizenship.   MERSD has made significant progress in fulfilling its goals as outlined in the Strategic and District Improvement Plans.  Academic highlights include establishing the District as a leader in innovative and inclusive instructional practices that meet the needs of all learners; developing programs and systems to support the belief system of whole child education; institutionalizing a philosophy of inclusion, tolerance, and cultural awareness both locally and globally; and expanding course offerings for middle level learners.

MERSD spent significant time and effort this year analyzing and addressing three important financial challenges:  (1) declining school choice revenue, and (2) dependency on reserve funds, and (3) long-term liabilities/OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) funding.  Through a collaborative effort with Manchester Essex Teachers Association, the MERSD School Committee successfully renegotiated its health care agreement in a manner that generated annual revenue to support the establishment of an OPEB Trust Fund and put MERSD on a path to full funding. 

With the endorsement of the Essex and Manchester Boards of Selectmen and Finance, as well as town meeting participants, MERSD has put forth a budget that seeks to correct the structural issues of declining school choice revenue and dependency on reserve funds.­   On behalf of the faculty and staff of MERSD, we extend our sincere appreciation to the residents of the communities of Manchester and Essex for their unwavering support of our students and of our schools.   Although there has been tremendous support for our request thus far, the Manchester Town Election is the last step in having out budget formally approved.   Please remember to visit the polls on May 19th