Friday, May 30, 2014

2014-2015 Transportation & Athletics Fees

If you followed this year’s budget development, you know that it was a challenging process in which some difficult decisions were made in order to keep the assessment to towns at a level within the Proposition 2 1/2 levy limit.  Our final budget included a reduction in force of two teaching positions and four custodial positions, as well as, the implementation of a transportation fee and an increase and restructuring of the athletics fee.  For more information on the FY15 budget, please visit the MERSD Budget page.

Transportation Fees – The MERSD School Committee voted to implement a transportation fee for all bus riders who live within a 1.5 miles of the school which they attend.   This is in accordance with the district transportation policy and Mass General Law governing the provision of transportation for regional school districts.   Students are required to pay the full fee prior to beginning ridership.

Bus Transportation Fee 2014-2015

Students living less the 1.5 Miles from the School which they attend.

$180 Annual Bus Fee

Athletics Fees – The MERSD School Committee voted to increase fees and institute a payment schedule based on the number of sports in which a student participates.  Athletes are required to pay the full fee prior to beginning a season.

Athletics Fee Schedule 2014-2015

1 Sport
$400 HS
$320 MS

$1,350 HS
$1,040 MS

2 Sports
$650 HS
$520 MS

3 Sports
$750 HS
$600 MS

Please watch your email for additional details about timelines and methods for fee payment.