Sunday, November 24, 2013

FY15 Budget Season Begins

Fiscal year 2015 budget preparations have begun, and the FY15 budget looks to be a challenging task.   Over the next few weeks the district team will be focused on synthesizing the school based requests into our initial district FY15 budget proposal known as the Tentative Budget. Although, under the Regional Agreement, we present a budget and hold a public hearing for feedback in December, it is considered the first draft budget. It is not a formal request to the towns, but, rather, it is a status update that represents our initial assessment of needs for the following fiscal year. Each year in January the district works collaboratively with the towns to refine the numbers to determine the final budget request. 

Throughout the process we are guided by the following goals:

  • Position the district for continual improvement of the educational program and student achievement
  • Continue to address the gap between enrollment growth and staffing to maintain School Committee class size guidelines
  • Exercise fiscal responsibility
    • Seek internal efficiencies to offset growth needs when possible
    • Maintain financial stability in advance of setting multi-year goals
  • Meet local, state and federal responsibilities while controlling growth

Please visit the MERSD Budget Page for information about our budget process, a complete budget season calendar, and budget documents

Two Key Meetings will take place in December

  • December 3rd – Presentation of the Tentative Budget (7:00pm /MERMHS Library). This is a regularly scheduled School Committee Meeting at which we will present and discuss the FY15 Tentative  Budget Proposal.
  • December 11th – Public Hearing on the Tentative Budget (7:00pm /MERMHS Auditorium). This event is meant to provide the community with an opportunity to learn and to ask questions about our proposed budget