Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Essex Kids 'Mix It Up' For Lunch

Essex Kids 'Mix It Up' For Lunch -


This week both Essex and Memorial students are participating in  Mix It Up Day sponsored and founded by Teaching Tolerance.   The goal of this national event is to encourage students to reach beyond their comfort zones, to meet new people, and to expand their social boundaries.  Even in our small schools it is important to encourage students to "mix it up" and spend time with students from different classrooms and peer groups, which helps break down barriers and promotes positive social relationships. 

I am proud of our students for their participation and of our staff for organizing such an important the event.  Activities such as these promote our District Core Value of the Whole Child education.

  • Whole Child:  We believe schools must establish a safe environment conducive to the development of the whole child, which extends beyond the academic core to include experiential learning, the arts, cultural awareness, and physical and emotional well being.  (MERSD Strategic Plan)