Tuesday, August 14, 2012

College Boot Camp Draws Sixty Students!

Sixty students from the class of 2013 took a break from summer fun and signed into Boot Camp.  Hosted by the MERHS Guidance department, Senior Boot Camp is a three day seminar designed to help students get a jump on the college admissions process.  During the three day session students work individually and in small groups to complete the Common Application.  Additionally, in preparation for the school year, students will…

Brainstorm and outline their admissions essays
Develop a vertical list of potential colleges
Complete student resumes
Generate teacher recommendation requests
Link Naviance accounts to the common application

Naviance is a software program available to all Manchester Essex high school students that that facilitates college and career goal setting and planning.  View video to learn more!

Given the popularity of early admissions options, this is a great opportunity for students to work with their counselors and get organized before the start of school.