Friday, May 4, 2012

Whole Child & Athletics

As I gaze out my window  and see our lacrosse players battling the elements as they compete against Pentucket, I am reminded of the positive influence athletics has had on all who play or who have played.  Although my "playing days" are long over, I can't help but think of the impact athletics had on me.  Growing up in Rhode Island, the daughter of a hockey player, I think I learned to ice skate at the same time I learned to walk!  From that point forward, my participation in intramural and interscholastic sports had an important role in defining who I would become as a person.  The lessons I learned on the field of competition were lifelong and real world:  you have to work hard and practice to be the best you can be; you don’t always win the game, but you do always conduct yourself with dignity; and, even though you are an individual, you work as a team. 

While my athletic pursuits at this stage of my life revolve mainly around a jog every other day or so and some "gym" time, for our MERSD student-athletes, athletics are a regular part of their daily lives.  They practice daily, in all sorts of weather, often into the darkness, often taking long bus rides to compete as teams representing their school and communities.

No matter what generation, athletics continues to be a major "player" in the development of the whole child.  It is competitive and accessible to all.  It doesn't matter the sport, the level or even the amount of "playing time."  The benefits to the development of the whole child far surpass athletic skill and game strategy.  Athletics fosters character development and leadership training.

We are very fortunate at MERSD to be able to offer 44 interscholastic teams at MERMHS.  From sailing to skiing, our program strives to provide our students with opportunities to compete in a variety of levels in a variety of sports.  These activities are well worth the investment in our youth!

Recent athletic highlights for MERHS:
  • Girls' Varsity Tennis:  Last year's Division 3 State Champions are on the road to a repeat with a current record of 8-0.
  • Girls' Varsity Lacrosse:  Scored a victory of HW Regional in double-overtime.
  • Boys' Varsity Baseball:  Recently upset previously unbeaten Newburyport.
  • Sailing placed 9th at the New England Regatta and is on track to compete in states.