Friday, February 3, 2012

Beyond the Classroom!

I am continually reminded how well-rounded our MERSD students are!  Over the past two weeks a number of students have been recognized for their accomplishments beyond academics, and I am pleased that our district efforts to support the whole child, recognizing that each student has unique talents and abilities, contributes, in part, to these students' successes.  As a district, we spend a good deal of time discussing how our whole child work applies and is measured in the academic realm; however, it is evident by these successes that we should take more time to discuss its impact on student achievements beyond the classroom. 

Please join me in congratulating the following students and the teachers, coaches, parents and peers who have supported them in their pursuits:

  • MERMS 8th grader Brendan Driscoll is making waves for the Hornets!  As an 8th grader on the varsity swim team, Brendan swims with older and more experienced swimmers at every meet.  He may not place in his meets, but he surely comes in first in tenacity and will, as Brendan does not have a leg below his left knee.  His aim is to swim in the Paralympics, and we wish him the best!  Brendan Driscoll Aims for Paralympics ~ Boston Globe – January 26th

  • The Twenty-seven high school works of art and three middle school students won awards in the 2012 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Contest. MERSD received the most awards given to any Cape Ann or neighboring school district. Students earned Honorable Mentions, Silver Keys, and Gold Keys. Those works that received gold keys will move up to a competition at the national level. For the first time ever, MERHS submitted an animated video, by Keith Blagden, which then won a Gold Key.  Three Senior Photography Portfolio gold keys were awarded to Alex Clarke, Anny Carr, and Jas Davis. These portfolios consisted of 8 images and a written artist statement. Only 51 photo portfolio gold keys were given out in the entire state.   View the recipients and their work

  • Tucker Evans, MERHS  freshman, was accepted to the All-States Music Festival!  In November Tucker was accepted to the Northeast Senior District Music Festival and received an All-State recommendation (Commendation?).  Last Saturday, along with more than 1000 students from approximately 225 schools across Massachusetts, Tucker auditioned for the All-State Festival Chorus and was accepted.  He will be spending three days in Boston at the Seaport Hotel and rehearsing in the World Trade Center.  Tucker will then perform as part of the All-State Chorus at Symphony Hall on March 3rd.

  • Last Saturday seventeen of our students in grades 7-9 auditioned for the Northeast Junior District Music Festival. The following six students were accepted to the NE Jr. District Festival Girls Chorus and Boys Chorus:  Congratulations to Ariana Jackson (9), Sara Rhuda (8),  Jenny Duff (7), Jillian Furber (7),  Alex Buck (8) and Axel Fouger (7).