Friday, September 30, 2011

MERSD One Community!

I was very disappointed with the tone of the recent Gloucester Times article regarding MCAS and the MERSD elementary schools.  From my point of view and from the point of view of the MERSD School Committee and staff, we are one school district, not two towns.  Like many other systems that have multiple elementary schools, comparisons between them are often erroneously made, as was done with this recent article.  We have one district-wide PreK-12 curriculum, and each school house, regardless of level, has its own culture, strengths, and areas for growth.  The leadership team and faculty are well aware of the challenges we face, and we take a proactive team approach to continuing to improve the quality of education your children receive.  The MERSD team works to educate each child from his/her own readiness level in order to facilitate the intellectual, social and emotional growth process.  We look at the whole child when determining student academic, social and emotional needs.  There are many measures of success, and we are committed to helping each individual child achieve his/her potential. 

The Manchester Essex Regional School District is a high achieving community committed to educating all students, inspiring passion, instilling a love of learning, and developing local and global citizenship.  Its success is a community effort!